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Product Description


  • Last's up to 2 times longer than other batteries.
  • More power in the initial 1, 2, 5, and 10 seconds of the starting process than comparably rated conventional lead acid batteries.
  • Constant performance quality keeping your battery running at the same level even as it's being discharged.
  • Ideal for seasonal use, fully charged, it can remain unused for up to 12 months at room temperature (or below) and still start a vehicle.
  • 15 times more resistant to vibration than other batteries.
  • Nonspillable with complete fitment flexibility; can mount in almost any position

A Tough Battery for Tough Jobs

OPTIMA® batteries are quickly becoming a popular product for use in commercial applications. Rigorous operating conditions and extended periods of storage are common for agricultural and heavy equipment applications. Heavy maintenance schedules cost farmers and construction workers valuable time, which translates to lower productivity and less profit. OPTIMA® batteries help minimize downtime by providing a consistent and reliable power source for the extreme conditions of the commercial equipment industry, resulting in lower replacement and maintenance costs and less time spent repairing vital equipment.

The Optima Advantage

Agricultural and heavy equipment applications where heavy machinery is used seasonally call for outstanding starting power. The patented SPIRALCELL® Technology, featured in OPTIMA® batteries, makes it possible to start heavy diesel engines after long periods of non-use and during cold weather. Its low self-discharge rate makes it an ideal battery for seasonal applications.
OPTIMA® batteries also provide unmatched vibration resistance over traditional lead-acid batteries, providing up to 15 times the resistance of competitive products. This proves beneficial for machinery being used in a rocky, bumpy or in a heavy vibration environment. The tightly compressed cells in the battery allow for a tough, leak proof design and prevent shedding of active materials caused by heavy vibration. Losing active materials lessens the reserve capacity and cranking power of a battery. An OPTIMA® battery is able to withstand harsh terrain and conditions without power disruption, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Operating in Extreme Conditions

OPTIMA® batteries advanced technology not only provides longer shelf life and vibration resistance, it also supplies consistent power through extreme temperatures and climates. Excessive heat can create corrosion and gassing which can shorten the cycle life of a battery. OPTIMA® batteries have a higher resistance to heat, cutting down on its negative effects. In cold weather applications, a battery's ability to provide cranking power to the engine is extremely important. OPTIMA® batteries have a lower internal resistance, which provides increased cranking power even in the coldest of temperatures. 

Inspired by a passion for power

The OPTIMA® RedTop battery is the only battery specifically designed to handle continued abuse. Its patented SPIRALCELL® Technology offers 15 times the vibration resistance and up to twice the life of ordinary batteries. Additionally, it's spill-proof, highly resistant to heat and cold, and can be stored for long periods of time without maintenance. If you need a high performance power solution then OPTIMA® is the battery for you. Lookout for it's distinctive coloured top and six-pack design at your local Optima distributor.

More Starting Power

OPTIMA® batteries deliver a higher level of power to the starter in the critical first 10 seconds of the vehicle starting cycle. They OPTIMA® battery features patented SPIRALCELL® Technology allowing for the lowest internal resistance of any battery on the market today.This extremely low internal resistance, along with the completely sealed case, is the key to Optima's unparalleled high power delivery, increased cycle life and fast recharge capability; for rapid voltage recovery in short driving cycles.

Vibration Resistant

With it's patented SPIRALCELL® Technology, OPTIMA® batteries offer 15 times the vibration resistance and up to twice the life of ordinary batteries.

The OPTIMA® is like no other battery found in today's market. OPTIMA®'s unique patented SPIRALCELL® design offers the best technology by providing a strong and clean power source that far surpasses any of today's traditional lead acid batteries. With OPTIMA® as your choice, you can count on a longer lasting battery.

All OPTIMA® RedTop Batteries
These batteries are designed for engine starting applications. They are NOT recommended or warranted for use in deep cycle applications.

Recommended charging information:

13.3 to 15.0 volts, no amperage limit.

Battery charger:
13.8 to 15.0 volts, 10 amps maximum, 6-12 hours approximate.

Rapid Recharge:
Maximum voltage 15.6 volts (regulated).
Maximum current: No limit as long as temperature < 50°C (125°F).
Maximum recharge time: Charge until current drops below 1 amp.

Float charge:
13.2 to 13.8 volts, 1 amp maximum current, time indefinite (at lower voltage).

All limits must be strictly adhered to.

 Safety Information:

Always wear safety glasses when working with batteries.

Always use a voltage regulated battery charger with limits set to the above ratings. Overcharging can cause the safety valves to open and battery gasses to escape, resulting in premature failure. These gasses are flammable! You cannot replace water in sealed batteries that have been overcharged. Any battery that becomes very hot or makes a hissing sound while recharging should be disconnected immediately.

Failure to fully charge a battery can result in poor performance and a reduction in capacity