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JB Weld ClearWeld Epoxy Syringe

J-B Weld ClearWeld is a quick setting, multipurpose two part epoxy that provides a strong and lasting bond on most surfaces including tile, most plastics, ceramic, glass, wood and metal.

JB Weld HighHeat Epoxy Putty

JB Weld HighHeat is a hand mixable epoxy putty stick specifically formulated to bond and repair materials that will be exposed to high temperatures in automotive and industrial maintenance applications.

JB Weld KwikWeld Cold-Weld Epoxy

JB KwikWeld is a fast setting version of The Original JB Weld two-part epoxy cold weld system that provides strong, lasting repairs to metal and multiple other surface types.

JB Weld PlasticWeld Epoxy Syringe

J-B Weld PlasticWeld is a specially formulated two-part adhesive and epoxy filler system that provides for strong, lasting repairs.